There is a seaying in Paris"A woman should have a good pair of shoes. Because a good pair of shoes will lead you to a better place." ---- A good descigned space alse should give people a nice space experience as if they have found a better world.

THE FOURTH ELEMENT is an exciting space using designed patterns such as symmetry,reflection,optical illusion,Spatial interpolation create interesting space percepyion."Wehope that people will be surprised when they enter the PO-UP store as a discovery of the new world,and find themselces can be more beautiful and fun as they didn't expect before."

The so-called "one dimensional: refers to a linear world;:two dimension" is the flat world;"three dimension"is the real world wo live in; and the:four dimension"is a world adding with a time line based on the three dimension world;The designer wants to create an unknown "pop up" world,through the form of containers.

Inorder to create multiple space parallel entrance and virtual space,designers captrue three box into one virtual space on the horizontal axis. The three containers are staggered,generated outer spaces for POP-UP PR activities and show brand image.The space facade strure adopts a primary design structure and display props to create an interesting space perception when customers observe from different angles.